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Change Is Beautiful : The Story Behind The Tshirt Design

Change Is Beautiful Graphic Inspirational Quote Tee Shirt

When I first designed this shirt, it was several years ago, when my season of change WAS truly just beautiful.  I watched my personal life change in many ways from marriage, to career, to the blessing of motherhood.  Fast forward down the road, and the ugly side of change reared its head.  Maybe you’ve been there before too.  Medical diagnoses, job loss, relocation, pain and grief all tied to change.  

While I have always been a summer girl at heart, the colorful falling leaves every year remind me of the beauty of change.  However, when focusing on just a small period of time, we know that autumn change quickly brings on winter…cold, dark, dreary.  And if the story just stopped there, we would all likely agree that change surely isn’t a beautiful thing.  

As I sit and write these thoughts, I can see beyond my computer screen the flowering bushes and green grass outside.  The air smells different, and the world just feels fresh in spring.  And, that’s the beauty of viewing change through the lens of a larger story.  

So, these simple words on a tshirt have become so much more to me than just a catchy saying.  What once was simply “change is beautiful,” now serves as a reminder that the story of change is more than the initial shift of change itself.  It’s bigger than a moment; it’s more than a season.  It is looking at life as a whole painting, and not just one stroke.  It is looking back all of the changes, the ones filled with grief, and even the joyous ones, and knowing that God is painting a beautiful masterpiece that is only understood more deeply as time passes by.  

Change IS beautiful.  Even when we don’t see it.  Even when we don’t feel it.  It’s a paragraph in a greater story that is more than me or you, more than what we see or feel.  I hope that as you wear or gift this tee it brings encouragement and meaning to all the changes along the way.  


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