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  • Change Is Beautiful : The Story Behind The Tshirt Design

    While I have always been a summer girl at heart, the colorful falling leaves every year remind me of the beauty of change.  However, when focusing on just a small period of time, we know that autumn change quickly brings on winter…cold, dark, dreary.  And if the story just stopped there, we would all likely agree that change surely isn’t a beautiful thing....
  • Made For This

    So here I am, not as a WRITER, but just a writer willing to learn.  I put off starting this task for months just due to the simple fear that “I’m not good at it.”  And who wants to learn to be good at something while simultaneously putting it out into the world for other’s to see? ... But if there’s one thing I’m learning in life, it’s that being “good” at something is not without the struggle first.